Why Buy in the Poconos?

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Every year, thousands of people purchase property in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania – for a variety of reasons. While each person has his or her own personal story that leads them to this scenic paradise, there are a few common reasons that come up any time you ask someone “why the Poconos?” Here are the most common reasons that everyone can relate to when it comes to purchasing property in the Poconos.

  1. Surrounded by Beautiful Natural Scenery
    In The Stream DSC_0227 (2) Hanby Lake

    Buying in the Poconos gives you property that you can enjoy like no other. Where else can you purchase property at such reasonable rates and also enjoy the scenery and wildlife all year round? Not many places, if any. For many who vacation to this area, the fact that you can sit on your front porch and see deer, turkeys, and all different species of bird is a driving factor in their desire to purchase in the Poconos. Urban and suburban areas just do not have the same appeal as the Poconos when it comes to enjoying nature’s scenery. And at night, the secluded silence is enveloping. No highways, no streetlights. Enjoy some hot cocoa by the fireplace before retiring to the most restful night of sleep you’ve ever had – night after night.

  2. Profitable Investment Opportunity

    Lakeside Kitchen Bring Your Toys
    The Poconos remains a popular vacation destination for millions of people every year. The natural beauty of the area couples with an inescapable laid-back pace to create a utopia for many urban and suburban families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and, naturally, this creates a thriving vacation/tourism market that many people have been using for income for decades. Whether you want to specialize in long or short term, the rental market is alive and well in the Pocono Mountains – for vacations and for primary living.

  3. Cost Effective Vacation

    Thank You For Skiing Jack Frost Pocono Lakefront Arrowhead Lakes
    When you look at the numbers, the Poconos is much more affordable than a trip to the beach – and it is a destination that is enjoyable all year long. Most lake communities in the Poconos sport sandy beaches for swimming, tanning, volleyball, etc. – maybe not the first thing you think of when you think of the Poconos, but a popular facet of the region no doubt. Beside swimming in the lake, you can take a kayak or a canoe out and fish or just to get some exercise in the warm summer weather. And in the winter, enjoy a totally different catalog of outdoor activities ranging from skiing to snowboarding to tubing to paint-balling! Or, for your inner “home body,” the simple pleasure of watching the snow fall from the comfort of your living room, by the fireplace, with a book and perhaps your favorite beverage, is like a dream come true. Total relaxation awaits – and at prices you can’t help but feel good about!

These are some of the bigger reasons why people choose to purchase property in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, but if you ask any of the homeowners around here why they love it so much you are likely to get more personal responses. Sure, these reasons will come up as well – nearly everyone here loves to sit on their deck and listen to the birds sing – but you will also get stories of how the Poconos serves as a refuge when the weight of everyday life gets too heavy to bear and you need a release for your mind, body, and soul. I started out as a vacationer myself, enjoying the Poconos as an escape from suburban Philadelphia many years ago. Now, I’m here full time and have been for well over a decade and I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else with this kind of daily peace.

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