To Ski Or Not To Ski?

President’s Day Weekend is a very popular weekend for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, and lots of vacationers are up on the mountain this weekend – but is it too cold to ski? When I left the office in Blakeslee last night, it was -3 degrees without factoring in the wind chill. Local plumbers are on the move around the clock, taking emergency calls left and right as water pipes freeze up in local homes. Tow trucks and auto mechanics are also standing by – this cold weather has claimed many batteries and can make cars a lot less reliable in general. The snow that has been leftover from our previous snowfalls earlier this week and late last week has no frozen to the point of immovability – if you try to shovel this snow, you will understand what I am talking about! It may be time to get the flamethrowers out! (If only, right?)

And more snow is on the way tonight! Local forecasters are calling for 4″-8″ starting this evening. Plow trucks are now at the ready, bracing for this incoming snowfall. Salt trucks are on standby, ready to begin salting the roads at the first sight of snow. This puts the local tourists/vacationers at a crossroads – to ski or not to ski? With cold temperatures and cold winds, it is easy to think maybe not. With fresh snow coming in this evening though, tomorrow looks like a solid day to ski The Poconos – if you are bundled up properly that is!

At this very moment, as I write this article, it is 17 degrees with 11 m.p.h. winds and a 90% chance of precipitation in Blakeslee, PA where Jack Frost and Big Boulder are located.

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