Time To Sell? Here is What I Can Do For You

Life takes us all in unexpected directions from time to time. A common story I get from my selling clients in the Poconos goes something like, “well the kids are all going off to college and we don’t have the time to use this place like we used to, so we want to pass it on to someone else who can make memories with their family here.” That’s where my job starts.

Immediately when I hear this I am thinking to myself how expensive college is today and how involved all the forms are for applications and financial aid and all that – this is a stressful situation. We have here someone who works full-time, owns multiple properties, and now has children going into college – that is a healthy helping of life on a plate right there. So where do we start? Here are a few things I like to get started with right away.

  1. An Accurate CMA. The first thing I will prepare for you when you ask me to list your property is called a CMA – a comparative market analysis. For a CMA, I will look at the current state of the subject property’s market and then look at similar properties to the subject property that have sold recently – going back 3 months or so usually works well. Then I will analyze the current market trends and forecast what the market should look like in the next 3 months. Compile all this data together and we will have some concrete numbers to start with – what sales price we can expect, how long on the market we should anticipate, and how to best leverage our position in the market to stand out as the best choice for prospective buyers.
  2. An Aggressive Marking Plan. After the numbers are sorted out we have to move on with how to market the property most effectively for the best possible result. A few things that I always like to include in a marketing plan are ideal customer and location of prospects. So what does this mean? If your home is in a primarily second-home market, that means our ideal customer is most likely hunting for a second home – this also means the prospect most likely lives elsewhere. A lot of people who buy second homes in the Poconos live primarily in suburban Philadelphia, NJ, and NY. My marketing plan involves a lot of internet-related ways to get your property out to these places and in front of these prospects, showing them the life that awaits them just one purchase away.

    Scenic Pictures Always Help Generate Interest

  3. The Extras. “The Extras” is how I refer to the extra intricacies that make my service stand out above the rest. For instance, pictures. Every agent takes pictures (in the Poconos most agents take their own photos), but is every agent also a photographer/filmmaker with a high definition camera? I am. I also take some aerial photos with The Pocono Drone, my hobby quad-copter that records in 2k resolution and has a high megapixel camera for still shots as well. How about social media? Sure, every agent has a Facebook page. But does every agent have a Twitter network that results in hundreds of thousands of tweet impressions a week? I do. Does every agent have a Youtube channel from which they can showcase their clients’ properties for sale and also some of the great natural scenery of our area? I do.

So when it comes time to sell, and sometimes selling time comes out of left field, go with someone who appreciates the gravity of the transaction for you and does everything in his power to get your property sold without hassle or headaches. Give me, Matt Cordisco, a call today at 570-620-6127 to learn all the ways I can help you sell your property in the Poconos. If you are a buyer looking to get a piece of the Pocono Dream, you can start searching home listings for free here.

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