Waterfront Property in the Poconos!

When you picture the Poconos in your mind, what do you see? Probably a lot of things from different times of the year – the beauty of Spring revitalizing the barren landscape, the quiet snowfall gently sprinkling down as you enjoy it by the fireplace in Winter, the spectacular color palette of Autumn all over the state forests and along the mountainside, and the lush green vegetation that surrounds that engulfs the mountain in the Summer – but what about the water? The Pocono Mountains are home to scores of lakes, both natural and man-made, some motor-boat friendly and others swim-friendly, but most of them are good for fishing! Now you may be yourself, gee, what would it take for me to get in on some waterfront property in the Poconos?


  1. Different Water for Different People. Everybody is different and that holds true when examining the different types of waterfront properties and what people get from them. For instance, someone who loves the sound of rushing water might prefer a riverfront property, whereas someone who prefers stillness and quiet might prefer a lakefront property. Want to softly hear water as a backdrop to everyday life? Maybe you want to be creekside or on a stream. Every body of water has its own characteristics to match up with what you desire in your waterfront home. Think about what YOU want most out of the water and then you can start looking for a match.

  2. Motorboat Lake Vs Non-Motorboat Lake. Most lakes in the Poconos do not allow motorboats because most of the lakes are too small to keep clean with motorboats in them. Those lakes usually are swim-friendly as well, often sporting some nice sandy beach areas to enjoy the water from. If you are looking for a motorboat lakefront property, the most popular options are Lake Harmony, Lake Wallenpaupack, and Lake Henry. If you prefer non-motorboat (swim-friendly) lakes, Arrowhead Lakes, Locust Lake Village, and Lake Naomi are popular choices.

  3. Assessing The View. For some waterfront property seekers, the only thing that matters is the view over the water. Watching the birds fly through the clear blue sky, enjoying sunrises and sunsets, watching life from the comfort of your own slice of paradise. Some of the more popular lakes for a killer view include the “big lake” in Arrowhead Lakes (260 acres), Lake Wallenpaupack (5,700 acres), and Lake Kathryn in Camelot Forest. When it comes down to it, though, “the view” is subjective and open to interpretation – you have to see for yourself whether or not “the view” is for you!

So now that you have some information you can start your search for waterfront property in the Poconos. If you would like more information or more hands-on service, you can call/text me, Matt Cordisco, at 570-620-6127. To start searching on your own, totally free of charge, you can access the MLS and create a free portal account here.

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