Winter in Arrowhead Lakes

Arrowhead Lakes

Arrowhead Lakes

As the snow comes down late in the evening, every driver on Locust Ridge Road is united, though they may not realize it, by that anxious feeling they are all experiencing while traversing the winding mountain road that leads to Arrowhead Lakes. The veterans can be distinguished from the amateurs with a glance at the brake lights – riding on your brakes could put you in a culvert on the side of the road, as all full-time Pocono residents already know. And we’ll impart that advice nicely to the vacationers as we’re pushing them out of the culverts.

After passing the Pinewood Deli (or stopping in for one of the best cheese steaks in The Poconos), make a right into the first entrance for Arrowhead Lakes. The parking lot to your left is one place where you can park your vehicle if you want to go inside the Member Services Building and use the weight room, the library, or the internet. Continue through the gate and you can make your way to The Lodge, the newest addition to an already amenity-filled community, or you can go to the clubhouse and enjoy the infamous sledding hill.

Arrowhead Lakes is only 11 miles from Jack Frost/Big Boulder and only 18 miles to Camelback Mountain. I lived in Arrowhead Lakes for years and I still spend a lot of time there visiting my parents. My kids enjoy all the fun Arrowhead Lakes offers with its amenities and family-friendly events, while the adults enjoy the peaceful seclusion that Arrowhead Lakes also provides.

This is where you want to be.

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