3 Reasons to Love Fall in the Poconos

When Summer winds to an end, the residents of Northeast Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains enjoy a few things before the cold of Winter imposes itself. If you thought the Poconos was awesome during the warm months out on the lake or soaking up the sun at the beach, you may be surprised to find out just how valued Autumn is in the Poconos. Between the full-time residents and thousands of local tourists, people in the Northeast share a great appreciation for the natural beauty that engulfs the mountains as we transition from warm to cool to cold.

Autumn in Thornhurst From Above

Autumn in Thornhurst From Above

1. Fall Foliage

The Pocono Mountains consists of so many different State Parks, State Game Lands, and just generally undisturbed wilderness, that fall foliage becomes a huge draw for tourists and photographers alike come October. As the lush green of summer surrenders to the orange, gold, and red colors, people from less seasonally-spectacular places make their way to the Poconos to take in a bit of nature’s beauty – and we welcome them with open arms and fresh cider!

    Hanby LakeHanby Lake

2. Crisp Mornings, Cool Nights

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Hoody Weather” – this is exactly what I am talking about with this point. The crisp mornings of Autumn in the Poconos are a bit different than the warm summer mornings in a few ways – no bugs, no singing birds, no lawncare noises echoing down the street. Just a chilly morning on the porch with your coffee or tea surrounded by the colors of Fall. And at night, you won’t hear the crickets. There is a layer of silence that blankets the Poconos during the cool nights of Autumn and most of us enjoy it by a bonfire.


3. Stocking Up and Winding Down before Winter

As soon as summer comes to an end, before the leaves even start to change too much, there is a palpable decline in activity. People switch gears from long days at the beach capped off with a little night swimming and begin to hunker down and prepare for winter. Fall serves as the beautiful and colorful transition period between the warm summer climate and the icy grip of “Old Man Winter” that comes around after the leaves make their way to the ground. When the cold comes around people are not as quick to jump in the car and go out to the store, so most of the Pocono population makes sure to stock up any time they have to go to town. With snow, ice, and the pitch black darkness that envelopes evening in the Poconos after daylight saving time, the attitude of laid-back living switches to one of hibernation – enjoying the lovely visuals out the window while staying warm and cozy by the fireplace.

Snow Covered Trees


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