A Snowy Way to End The Year

A bit of a snowstorm was moseyed its way to the Poconos for the last weekend of the year – a pleasant circumstance for any skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts who happen to be spending New Year’s Eve weekend near one of the ski resorts around the Poconos.


The View From My Front Porch in Thornhurst

For some, a trip to the resorts is too much of an adventure. You see, most communities have a few good places for kids to sled. It may not be advertised as part of the amenities, but locals know where to go. In Arrowhead Lake in particular there is an extraordinary hill to sled on – also a few good spots in Locust Lake Village. Being in Thornhurst myself, I know of a few good places just outside the community that make for a really good time in the snow. When my kids finish up their hot chocolate, perhaps we will take a walk out there. Here is a little snippet of our Winter Wonderland to enjoy from wherever you are :

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