Warm By The Fire

New Year’s Eve is usually a pretty cold day in the Poconos and 2016 is delivering on that with low temperatures, snow, sleet, and all kinds of wintry goodness to enjoy – safely from the fireplace! And my is that fire toasty today!

One of the things I like to do for my fire is to gather kindling from around the yard. The fallen trees and stray branches strewn about the property? To the untrained eye, this is seasonal debris. To those who like to keep warm by the fire all of those branches are potential embers, the branches food for the fire. Got a little bit of snow on them? No worries. The smaller ones will burn anyway (with enough resolve) and the larger branches and pieces of wood can be dried out by the fire with proper supervision.

Are you warming up by the fire today? Or are you planning on going out to celebrate the arrival of 2017? Which ever way you decide to go, I hope your New Year brings happiness and fortune your way!

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