3 Reasons To Visit The Poconos

Pocono Lake

Pocono Lake in Autumn

The Pocono Mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania remain a popular vacation destination for thousands of people every year! For a lot of people, it is a family tradition. So why do people come to the Poconos? Here are a few reasons why the Pocono Mountains remain a staple of family life in the Northeast :

1. Nature

The Lehigh River

The Lehigh River

A typical year in the Poconos grants us the opportunity to experience all 4 seasons – each one with its own charm. Through each season, one thing remains constant – the beautiful scenery. Whether you like drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow fall quietly in the winter or you enjoy hiking the lush green forests in the summer, nature in the Poconos is always a sensory pleasure.

2. Outdoor Activities

Snow Covered Trees

After Jonas 2016

Unlike other popular tourist destinations in the Northeast, the Poconos is brimming with activity every season, all year long. In Winter, the skiers and snowboarders scurry up the mountain for winter sport fun. In Spring and Summer, outdoor activity turns more to canoeing, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. There are whitewater rapids and paintball facilities around as well – plus plenty of scenic golf courses. Autumn lends itself more to hunting and, for real outdoors enthusiasts, it is also the last chance to go for a scenic hike before Winter muscles in on us!

3. Change of Pace

Be Still and Enjoy Nature

Every Autumn is a Gift

For most people, the biggest draw of the Poconos is the change of pace. Whether you call it “the rat race” or you call it “the real world,” there is no doubt that the hustle and bustle of daily life can get tiresome from time to time. A occasional change of scenery is one of the most refreshing ways to combat the daily grind. Life in the Poconos moves at a comfortable pace – a better pace – for many hard-working Americans looking for a place to rest their heads for a weekend.

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