4 Benefits of Hiking the Poconos in Early Spring

I love hiking through the state forest in early Spring – well before everything comes back to life. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy a good hike every season, but there are some seriously awesome benefits to going for a hike before the weather gets too inviting. If you find you are on the fence about having a hike in March, here is a concise description of some of the things to which you can look forward.

State Forest Lands

1. Mild Weather

When it isn’t raining, the mild temperature is perfect for a walk through the forest. Not too hot, not too cold – known to some as “sweatshirt weather,” the sun smiles down on the mountain without smothering it with heat.

The Sun is Going to Bed

2. No Bugs

If you get out early enough in the season, the bugs are all still on their winter vacation. If you’re someone who limits time in the woods because of ticks and mosquitoes, then early Spring should be a good time for you to get yourself out into nature without a care!

Bear Swamp Trail ~ Early Spring
3. No Vegetation, No Problem

Before the plants start coming back to life, the lack of vegetation allows you to traverse hiking trails with relative ease. Since the leaves are yet to return, you can see pretty far ahead on the trail. Sometimes this helps you discover things you wouldn’t otherwise see if hiking in the summer.

Mushrooms ~ Pine Hill Trail ~ Early Spring
4. Creeks and Streams Run Wild

With the remnants of winter being melted away coupled with the rain typical of early Spring, all the creeks and streams swell up and run amok. There is something hypnotic about watching water flow through the forest. 

Convinced? Sweet! See you on the trails!

Matt Cordisco is a Realtor and a Photographer in the Pocono Mountains. For information about the Poconos, the local home market, vacation, and/or photo packages, contact Matt at MatthewCordisco@gmail.com


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